Alla inlägg den 2 maj 2013

Av Helén O - 2 maj 2013 12:41

Sugar is a drug.In the early 1900 sugar was very expensive. It was a luxury product in rich peoples home much more expensive than   fruits and vegetables.Today in 2013 sugar has been very cheap much cheaper than fruits and vegetables.And what has become the result? It has become a huge healthy fatepidemic and many many people die because of that, and the main problem is not fat in the food, it is sugar!People consume lots of liquid sugarcandy in drinks like Pepsi cola, some several ounces each day- the result is fatAnd more:1. sugar is a drug2. sugar is also feeding cancercells!The conclusion is that we have to help people to eat more healthy- to avoid the dangerous sugarHow to do that?  We should teach the parents at first so that they teach their children to avoid sugar and to eat more healthy food with lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.Then there also is responsebility for the scool to educate the children how to cook healthy and avoid the dangerous sugar.So come on everyone to grap the challenge with the explosive healthproblem that fat is, to se the meanproblem as it is, to se that the mainproblem is not the fat in your food- the mainproblem is the sugar in what you drink and eat, that is getting your weight to rise.

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